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Wikipedia is an open, online encyclopedia. It is a tantalizing resource that is often heavily used by students (and sometimes faculty!) for introductory research.

Wikipedia isn't evil. In fact, it can be a very helpful resource for basic information about topics in general. But, it does contain information that can be difficult to verify and that is sometimes inaccurate. This happens because information can change quickly and because anyone, not just an authority on a particular topic, can upload content to Wikipedia.

So, you might consider starting your research by using Wikipedia to learn about general topics. But, be sure to follow up by using more reliable resources such as those provided by Pearson Library. 

Remember, you should not cite Wikipedia in a research paper or other class assignment as a general rule.

Instead of Wikipedia, Pearson Library offers a range of robust encyclopedias and other reference resources that are just as easy to use as Wikipedia and in some cases, more so!

Our Gale and Oxford databases are the best alternatives to Wikipedia, plus we also have access to the full version (better than the online version) of Encyclopedia Britannica. 

For example, the Gale Virtual Reference Library includes encyclopedia-style subject overviews, embedded media such as images and video clips, and links to peer-reviewed articles for further research. Wikipedia's got nothing on the Gale Virtual Reference Library!

Check them out in the links below.

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