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Pearson Library houses a special collection of psychology and education testing material located behind the Circulation Desk. Authorized students are allowed to check out needed materials and use the tests for their classes. The tests are secure and confidential documents and are to be used only by approved students taking specific classes. They are not to be shared with any unauthorized students for any purposes other than what is assigned by the instructor. CLICK HERE for more information on access policies. 

The collection includes:

  • Adaptive Behavior Inventory (1986)
  • Basic Skills Assessment Series (1980)
  • Brigance Diagnostic Employability Skills Inventory (1995)
  • Brigance Diagnostic Inventory of Early Development II (IED-II) (2004)
  • Brigance Diagnostic Life Skills Inventory (1994)
  • Brigance Employability Skills Inventory (ESI) (1994)
  • Brigance ESI Class Record Book (2004)
  • Brigance ESI Learner Record Book 10-pack (1995)
  • Brigance IED-II Developmental Record Book 10-pack (1995)
  • Brigance IED-II Scoring Software with Standardization and Validation Manual (2004)
  • Brigance LSI CD-ROM Version 2.0 (2004)
  • Cognitive Abilities Test CogAT (1993)
  • Cognitive Abilities Test CogAT (1997)
  • Cognitive Abilities Test Nonverbal Batter Spanish Edition (1997)
  • Comprehensive Tests of Basic Skills of CTBS - 4th Edition (1987)
  • Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing (CTOPP) (1999)
  • Gray Oral Reading Tests - Revised GORT-R (1986)
  • ITPA (Illinois Test of Psycholinguistic Abilities) 3rd Ed. Exam manual, response booklet, recorder
  • Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children KABC (1987)
  • Kaufman Tests of Educational Achievement K-TEA (1985)
  • KeyMath 3 (2007)
  • KeyMath Revised Form A A Diagnostic Inventory of Essential Mathematics (1988)
  • KeyMath Revised for B A Diagnostic Inventory of Essential Mathematics (1988)
  • Peabody Individual Achievement Test PIAT (1970)
  • PIAT-R/NU: Peabody Individual Achievement Test - Revised - Normative Update (1998)
  • Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test - Revised PPVT - Revised (1997)
  • SPAT (Structure Photographic Articulation Test) (2001)
  • TOLD P3 (Test of Language Development) Examiners manual, picture book, profile/examiner record book
  • TONI 3 (Test on Non-Verbal Intelligence) Examiners manual, picture book, answer and record forms A and B
  • TORC-3 (Test of Reading Comprehension) Examiners manual, student book, answer sheet, profile/examiner record form
  • TOWL Test of Written Language (1983)
  • WISC-IV (2003)
  • Woodcock Reading Mastery Tests-Revised (Forms G and H) WRMT-R (1987)
  • Woodcock Reading Master Tests - Revised Forms G and H (1998)
  • Woodcock Reading Mastery Tests - Revised - Normative Update (1998)
  • Woodcock-Johnson III Normative Update (2007)

To see available for these materials, please search the library's online catalog. 

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